My House Will be Called a House of Prayer

God’s Wake Up Call; Something's Got to Change; Impossible Situations; Time Out; This Kind; $50.

The Fruit of the Spirit

It's All About Love; The Joy of the Lord is My Strength; Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace; How to Suffer Long When Wronged; Generous with Gentleness; Be Good; -$50.

The Christianity Handbook for Life

White as Snow; Growing Up Fast; A Spiritual Paternity Test; Crazy Love; Are You in the Know? $50

Making God Look Good

I'm Still Amazed; The Prodigal Pig; Ready or Not, Here I Come; -$25.

A Survival Kit for Tough Times

Wading Through the Mud; Without Getting Muddy; The Proof’s in the Pudding; The Blessed Life; God's Prescription for Pain; Public Enemy Number One; -$50.


The Blessings of Burdens; Country Club Christianity; Two Ways to Live; A Spiritual Makeover; An Appointment with Dr. Jesus, - $50.

Warning, Warning, Warning

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; Danger, Danger, Danger; A Word to the Wise; The B-I-B-L-E; Remedial Christianity; Going to Hell from the Church Pew; -$50.

Spiritual Tune-Up

The Referee of the Heart; Inside Out; Honest to God - $25.

Heaven on Earth

I’m Somebody Because of Somebody; Salvation Straight Up; Extreme Makeover: Self Edition (CD); How to Lower Your Temperature; Marriage: God’s Way; Principles in Parenting $50.

Help for the Hurting

The Essence of the Christian Life; Battle Plans for the Battle Field; Wowing God; The Perfect Storm; Stuff and How to Deal with It $50.

Biblical Answers for Contemporary Times

I Choose Life, Poison in the Bottle, Scriptural Stipulations for Sexuality, It’s Not Real, It’s Not Right, It’s Not Righteous $40.

A Trip to the Cemetery

Dead Men do Tell Tales; The First Man in Space; A Family on Mission; Faith Does;Rahab: What’s a Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This; Faith to the Max; $50.

Living Life on Purpose

A Model Church; This Blessed Old Book; Living by Faith; I’ll Fly Away; The Life You’ve Always Wanted; $50.

Myth Busters: Lies Christians Believe

Beating Bitterness; Taming Trouble; No Fear; The Path to Peace; $40

Preparing for the End

The Blessing of Suffering; A Glimpse Into the Future; Words to Remember from Your Mother; $25.

Combat Duty

Nike; Mind Your Own Business; Satan’s Desire for Your Life; Something’s Got a Hold of Me. $40.

What is a Healthy Christian?

(DVD or Audio CD) 5 Sermons on a Healthy Christian $50.

Simple Secrets for Sharing the Savior

The Secret for Global Transformation; Biblical Tools for Evangelism; The Strategy for Successful Soul-Winning; A Faith-Focused Family; $40.

The Wonderful Word of God

The Owner’s Manual for Life; Spiritual Steps to Success; A Man’s Man; A Determined Response to Divine Revelation; Bible Benefits; $40.

What in the World is Going On?

The Future of Israel; Mother’s Day in Heaven; Do You Have the Time? Signs of the Time are Everywhere; The King is Coming; $40.

King David’s Greatest Hits

Like a Good Shepherd, Jesus is There; Beating Busyness; Lord, I’m Coming Home; No Fear; Our Great God; From Here to Kingdom Come. $50.

More than Conquerors

Free at Last; The Ultimate Life; The Truth about My Father; Hope You Can Believe In; A Very Big Promise for Very Bad Problems; The Plan of Salvation; It's a Done Deal; $50

The Bible and Future Events

I'll Fly Away; The Final Exam Every Christian Must Take; What to Expect if You Miss the Rapture; Paradise Island; The Final Reckoning; $50

Keys to Victory

The Key to The Christian Life; What’ll Ya Have; Wholly Holy; Getting Schooled; To Serve or Not to Serve. $50

The Gospel: Crystal Clear

(DVD or Audio CD) Five Sermons on the Glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ $50.

Lord, Teach Us to Pray

The Focus of Prayer; Our Daily Bread; Getting Past Your Past; Preparing for Battle with Prayer; Principles for Powerful Prayer; $50

Home Improvement

The Greatest Job in the World; Heavenly Home; Home Sweet Home; A Plan for Parents; Beautifying Your Home $50.

The Story of Ruth

Marvelous, Infinite, Matchless Grace; Marriage Matters; A Romantic Picture of Prayer; Wedding Preparations; And They Lived Happily Ever After; $40

Some Call it Heaven, but I call it Home

Heaven is a Wonderful Place; I Can Only Imagine; Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter All the Time; Questions and Answers About Heaven; $40

God in Us

The Ultimate Life; The Blessed Holy Spirit; The Role of the Holy Spirit in Salvation; The Truth about the Holy Spirit; The First Mega Church $50.


Good to Great; What to Do When the Economy Falls Apart; The Wise Man and the Foolish Man; The War in Iraq; The Christian Life Made Simple; The Long Journey Up Sacrifice Mountain. $25.


The Choice is Yours; Driver’s Ed for Life ; Prepping for Disaster; A Tale of Two Sisters; The Choice to Rejoice. $25.

Unforgettable Lessons from Forgotten People

Epaphras: A Little Big Guy; Fashions by Tabitha; A Dynamite Deacon; The Real Deal. $50

God Is…

God is Real; God is Love; God is Holy; God is Awesome; God is Sovereign. $25.


Serious About Souls; Serious About Sin; Serious About Prayer; Serious About Suffering; Serious About Family; $25.

Let’s Talk About Jesus

Jesus, the One and Only; Jesus, the Holy One; Jesus, the Crucified One; Jesus, the Risen One; Jesus, the Ascended One; $50

Preparing for Persecution

America, God Shed His Grace on Thee; That’s Expensive; A Great Man that Hates His Family; A Community Watch; A Country Club or a Church; Battle Preparations; $25.

Rooted in Christ

Oh, What a Savior; It is Amazing What Praising Can Do; The ABCs of the Christian’s Life; Changing the World on Your Knees; $25.

The Gospel Crystal Clear

The Plan of Salvation; The Great News about the Good News; Packing for Death; Evangelism 101; What a Wonderful Change in My Life; $50

To Live is Christ, to Die is Gain

A Reason to Live; Who is Jesus? Words of Wisdom for the Wise; The Path to Peace; $50

Taming the Tongue

Speech Therapy; A Mouth Full; Sweet & Sour; Nothing But the Truth; $25.

Heaven is on the Line

Its War; The Why and How of Prayer; Prayer Answers; Principles for Powerful Prayer $40.